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The Game-Changer

Yeah, life has its ups and downs.  I’ve always known that.  But it always seemed like the downs went too far down, and lasted too long.  I was tired of just surviving, but I didn’t know how to change things.  What I didn’t realize, is that God had been gently trying to turn my eyes to a gift He was providing, that would bring all kinds of positive changes to my life–health, both mentally and physically; financial improvement (with real freedom lurking on the horizon!), some new friends and deeper relationships with friends I already have!


So here’s what happened–I had hit nearly 200 lb. I was tired, hurting, and weary of life. Along came THM, and it was the first step in changing my life. I lost 20 lb., felt better about myself and my life, but still struggled frequently with bouts of depression. I’d lost my brother and my son in less than a year’s time, and some days, it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed. Then I got pregnant, and had a traumatic pregnancy that climaxed with a three-week stay in the hospital–two weeks of trying to keep my little girl from being born way too early, and then another week of staying with her in the NICU. Got home and life was just overwhelming. I stayed stressed and run-down. Add to that the fact that my baby had severe spitting issues–it wasn’t projectile vomiting, because it didn’t go forcefully, but every time she ate, she’d open up to burp, and out it would flow. We’d both have to change almost every time she ate. I didn’t use burp rags, I used receiving blankets. I tried eliminating things from my diet (wheat, dairy, AND eggs! It was miserable trying to figure out what to eat!), and that only helped minimally! I told my best friend, and she said the magic words: “Yeah, my baby was spitting a lot, too–but I started taking Plexus!” I didn’t want to do it, but I went ahead and bought a 7-day trial. BEST. DECISION. EVER. Within a week, the spitting was almost gone, I could eat what I wanted, and I felt better, myself! So I signed up. I struggle for a while to find the money to pay for my product each month, but the results were well worth it. Then I began sharing my story with others. Would you believe they were interested in hearing more? Soon I had enough customers to take care of my monthly order!
Now that I’ve been on Plexus for nearly a year, I see even more results–I’m regular with no straining (lol), my black depression is GONE! Even in the last 3 weeks when I ran out of product (because we needed my Plexus money on bills worse than I needed products–and that’s saying a lot. Lol), I haven’t hit bottom again! I have energy still! And financially!! Well! Let me tell you, Plexus is really helping us fill those empty places where our month ran longer than our money! And my hair–I’d lost 18+” to breakage after the loss of my brother and son, not mention how thin it got. Now, I’ve gained 6″ and about 3x the thickness it was!  I’ve also lost and additional 10-15 lb.  That probably doesn’t sound like much to you, but to me… Well, considering that with each of my previous 5 babies, I GAINED 10-15 lb. while nursing, it’s absolutely AMAZING to me!

My mom, two daughters, and I--just a month or two before I started Plexus.

My mom, two daughters, and I–just a month or two before I started Plexus.

Dinner date two months ago

Dinner date two months ago

Awkward selfie I took a week ago. LOL Some day I'll be able to get the whole "hold the phone without dropping it, but still smile a genuine smile" thing. Haha!

Awkward selfie I took a week ago. LOL Some day I’ll be able to get the whole “hold the phone without dropping it, but still smile a genuine smile” thing. Haha!

I do still do THM.  I still love that.  It’s healthier eating, and I want my children to grow up and make better choices than I did when I was young (we’re still working on that, lol).  But I wasn’t losing on THM anymore.  Not after I had my baby, and lost the first little bit right off the bat.  I’m pretty sure that I have high prolactin levels, which makes it hard to lose while nursing.  I was trying everything–all S, all E, lots of Crossovers.  My weight wouldn’t budge–except to go UP one or two lb.  =}

The fact is that I am passionate now about Plexus, too, because I see that it is helping and changing lives just like THM.  It took me a while to get to the point that I would admit that, but now I’ll more than admit it!  Haha!  I’ll shout it from the rooftops–can I come over to your house?  =D

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