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Where Was I, Now? Oh, Yeah, Sharing Good Food.

So, as you know, I had a baby 7 months ago. And then I dropped out of sight, so to speak. LOL That happens when you have a preemie baby that needs constant care. That happens when you have a baby, period! Hahaha! I never quit cooking, though–as much as I might have liked to, at least for a day or two. 😉 But the other day, I just came up with something that I thought I would share with you, because it was so yummy, and totally off-the-cuff. Unfortunately, there are no pictures. Hey, just getting back to writing a new post is a big step!
Anyways, we got some pork from my parents’ farm-raised organic pigs… it’s good stuff. One package, though, said “pork steaks”. So I called my mom up and asked her, “What ARE pork steaks? Are they more tender than pork chops?” Um, nope. Turns out they’re maybe a little tougher. So. What do I do with these somewhat tough, yummy pork slabs? Let’s see….
First, let’s salt and pepper them. On both sides. Yep, looks good. Okay, flour them. Now, since I’m doing THM, I don’t use regular white flour. I also don’t have the THM Baking Blend like I want (seems they have a hard time keeping it in stock–every time they get it in, it just flies off the shelves! LOL), so I just use gluten-free flour from SAM’S.
Now, next step… coconut oil in my biggest skillet. I think I might have used refined, just because I have it… but maybe not. Med-high heat. Is it hot? Okay, let me put the meat in. Wow, these are big. Can I fit all four? Yes, because I’m Wonder Woman (ha!)! Brown them, but don’t worry about cooking them all the way through. Chop an onion while they’re cooking–make it really fine, so the kids don’t know it’s there. Take out the chops, and put them on a plate. Now, let’s throw that onion in the pan. Oh, wait, that looks a little burnt in the bottom of the pan. Let me taste a little to see. Nope, no burnt flavor. We’ll be okay. So, onion in. Cook it a little, add some minced garlic. Toss it around in the pan for a couple more minutes… looks good. Now, what to deglaze things with, and make it nice and saucy?? Oh, here’s some bone broth in my freezer, looks like it’s 2 cups. Put that in the pan, let it melt down, then start bubbling… cook it down a bit. Add the steaks back in, make sure the burner’s on low or med-low. Lid on. Gonna let that simmer to tenderize the steaks.
Meanwhile, what else can I add to this to make it good? And what am I going to serve it over? Hey, I know what I’ll use to serve it over, at least for me–spaghetti squash!! Love this stuff! Now, the family is not as crazy about it as I am, so I’ll make them some noodles. Let me put the squash in the oven at 375. I’ll cut it later, when it’s a little soft. Water on to boil. What was I gonna add to the sauce to make it super yummy?

Oh, hey, here are these mushrooms that I saved until they dried out. HAHAHA! Yeah, if you leave them in the fridge uncovered, they dry out and shrivel up. At least it’s better than them molding and ruining! Well, they’re too dry to slice up well, and besides, I’d rather my kids not know they’re in the sauce, so let me chop them up really fine. Take the chops out again, because I’d rather not try to stir things around them. Add the mushrooms… needs something. Oh, cream. Yeah, a good dollop of cream. Or two. Then a little more salt and pepper–add some thyme–taste it–oooh, that’s good! Put the chops back in!
Noodles on? Check. Squash? Needs to be cut and seeds scraped out. Okay, done. Put it back in the oven with a little water on the tray. Now, what else will go with this? Needs something green. Green beans go well with pork, but they take too long. How about broccoli? Oh, we still have tomatoes from the garden, too. And here’s some cottage cheese. Forgot to make my cheesy bread, so that’ll have to wait for another night.
Dinah, get the table set. Now the mad rush to try to get everything all finished up at the same time–drain the noodles, scrape out the squash, slice the tomatoes–Dinah, get a spoon for the cottage cheese–pour the water out of the bottom of the steamer pan, butter and salt the broccoli–get potholders on the table, Dinah–is there a serving spoon in everything? Okay, let’s EAT!!!
And the verdict is…..
Mom, this is the BEST EVER!!! (But we don’t like spaghetti squash, do we have to eat some? Yes.)
I wish I’d taken some pictures.


  1. Barbara Keding says:

    Now, that does sound good!!! 🙂 Makes me want to try some now!!

  2. Joane B Gallant says:

    You did a really nice job of explaining each step with a little humor as you go! I agree you need photos, but it was good without them : )
    This is a great and easy recipe!
    Hmmm can you smell them?

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